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Web Hosting India Bandwidth Or Data Transfer - Which is Which?

Too often web hosts talk about bandwidth and data transfer in the same breath but truth be known they are different although very closely related. Bandwidth is how much data can be transferred at a time and data transfer is how much data is being transferred. Think of it this way. If bandwidth were a bridge, then the bigger the bridge is the more vehicles  can pass through it. While data transfer is the number of vehicles allowed on the bridge in say a month. In essence, data transfer is the consumption of bandwidth.We offer cheap web hosting mumbai services. 100% realiable web hosting india & most affordable web hosting in mumbai.

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How It Affects Your Site

The less bandwidth you have, the slower your site takes to load regardless of the visitor's connection type. If you have more visitors, some of them will have to wait their turn. The least data transfer you have, the more often you'll find your site unavailable because you're reached the maximum allowed until a new month rolls by or you upgrade your hosting web hosting plan account.we  offer very low rates for website designing in mumbai (bombay), India.

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Determining Your Requirements

Usually when a host talks about bandwidth, they are referring to your transfer. So you need to figure out what is sufficient for your site to function. You'll need to gather some information; fairly easy if you already have a site. Most of this information is available from your traffic history. If you don't have an existing site, provide an optimistic estimate if you intend to heavily promote the site. Then get ready for some math. We offer java web hosting, unlimited web hosting in India. We offer discount web hosting india & you can see web web hosting review in India.

We provide web hosting services & unlimited web hosting in Mumbai , India.

Find out the daily averages of:

Number of visitors / expected number of visitors
Page size including the graphics of the page
Page views / expected pages viewed by each visitor
Then, multiply them as follows:

Visitors x Page size x Page views x 30 days = Monthly Website (design) Transfer You should also throw in a small margin or error there to take into account email traffic and  your own uploads to the server. If you offer downloads, then you should add the following:
Average/Expected downloads x File Size x 30 days = Monthly Download Transfer

Unlimited web hosting Plans

Bandwidth is very expensive. All hosts are limited by their own allocations. Thinking back to the  bridge. What happens is each visitor to your site will be given a smaller lane to transfer the  data, creating many tiny lanes therefore "unlimited". The more visitors you have the smaller each  lane will be, which makes each visitor wait for the page to load. More often than not there is little choice over your bandwidth as your host controls this. Some  hosts may limit the number of simultaneous connections so in affect slowing down your site and  refusing some visitors. This is called throttling. we offer unlimited web hosting india & discount web hosting india.

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Reducing Transfers

On the other hand, you can reduce your transfer amount by building simpler, more efficient  websites and optimizing your graphics. Refrain from fancy flash presentations or streaming audio.  Use CSS, call JavaScript (java hosting) externally instead of embedding in every page.  Remove unwanted tags, white space and comments. Limit your META tags to those absolutely  necessary. Having too many keywords is not search engine friendly. Besides many search engines  will only review the first few and ignore the rest. Another good idea is to cache your website but you might want to set an expiry date in the HTTP
headers so the browser will refresh the content after a certain time. Use mod-gzip. It could save  you as much as 40% of your bandwidth. Out of control robots can also suck down your bandwidth  like a black hole. So use robots.txt to keep spiders in check.

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