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ABOUT US The Company :
SecureNet offers a unique experience to fully power the webhosting needs of webmasters today. Using the latest in server control panel technology combined with cutting edge Support tools, SecureNet is able to give our clients an incredibly stable and powerful webhosting platform. Backing up this feature rich service is an astonishing hosting platform with an emphasis on Stability, Support, Security and Speed.
SecureNet is the flagship of the Micro Solutions , a network of powerful sites offering a range of webhosting and related services. The network has been providing webhosting and other internet services since 2000 and currently supports over 2,000 websites, for over 1,000 customers on 15 servers.

The Team :
SecureNet is comprised of a group of talented and seasoned professionals in the webhosting industry. We have a team of highly skilled support technicians working 24/7 to answer your queries via toll-free phone, live chat and ticketing system. Keeping our servers fast, secure and stable is a team of outstanding server administrators who are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to make sure your websites are always online.

The Philosophy :
Over the years, we have learned that one thing is to be cherished more than any other in online business - Communication. As most of our customers do not have the ability to walk into one of our offices and speak to staff, it is essential that we are remain accessible around the clock and that questions are responded to quickly and in detail. In the same vein, we are constantly in contact with our clients via NewsFlash email announcements and via our online community where our clients can give us feedback on our service. In this sense we have built and continue to perfect a service that relies on constant 2-way communication between provider and client.

The Technology :
We understand that webmasters and resellers need to host many domains so we only use servers that are up to the job of providing a reliable platform in this demanding environment. Our Hyperthreaded Intel Pentium IV 3.06ghz with 2gb ram and dual drives are at the cutting edge of server technology and ensure that your client's domains will always load fast. Our servers are located in the world class, state-of-the-art NAC datacenter in Parsippany, New Jersey. This enormous facility is connected to a vast array of backbone providers via multiple OC-12 connections. NAC has made and continues to make massive investment in the expansion of the facility and network infrastructure and by utilising this combination of network and server technology, we are able to deliver a hosting experience that is almost unrivalled in the hosting industry.


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